Cairns Home Loans & Investment Loans

Buying a House

Whether you are purchasing a new home, upgrading, downsizing or purchasing an investment property, we have access to many lenders and all of their products. We can search through all available home loan products and match your requirements specifically to suit your individual needs.  Options available are Principal and Interest, Interest Only, Fixed Rates for between 1 and 5 years, Variable Rates and Split Loans.  Depending on your's or your family's exact needs, we can tailor your loans to suit your situation. 


We can also do a free assessment of your current home loan and personal loan, in order to determine if they suit your requirements moving forward.  Quite often when you originally purchase your property, you will find your situation changes over time. For example you may have purchased your first home as a single person with no children.  You may, in a few years time, have married and have a child on the way.   It can be very beneficial to have your loans reviewed every few years in order to make sure what you have now is right for your current situation.