Cairns Equipment Loans


If you need to purchase machinery or equipment, we can help you with sourcing the best rates and terms of financing which will work for your business.  It is important to consider not only the term of your asset/equipment loan, but also which type of loan best suits your current needs.  We specialise in Chattel Mortgages, Leases and HIre Purchases for Asset Financing.  Regardless of your taxation situation, or your current business needs, we can assist you with your next equipment purchase.  Don't let defaults or outstanding ATO debts stop you from purchasing your new equipment.  Our panel of lenders ensure you will have access to the best rates and products available on the market today, and we will tailor your loan to match your business requirements.

If you have an unpredictable income, seasonal income or your business income surges at certain times of the year, we are able to structure the repayments to accommodate such fluctuations.  For example, if you earn a large amount of your yearly income in six months, and the remainder of the year is much slower, we can arrange for your loan repayments to be higher in the six months when your income is higher.  We can then structure your repayments for the remainder of the year to suit your income, either by making them smaller, or even missing a couple of months in the quiet season.  We tailor your equipment loans to suit your specific business needs, and help you to manage your cash flow throughout the year.

Because Nicola Gibbon is a Qualified Accountant and Accredited Finance Broker she has an in-depth understanding of the importance of cash flow, asset financing, and the overall effect such transactions can have on the every day operating of your business.  Having someone you can trust and who also has a complete understanding of taxation laws, financial statements, and the difficulties faced with owning and operating small and medium sized businesses is of vital importance. 

Whether the industry you work in is Farming/Primary Production, mining, personal services, retail, construction, manufacturing, it doesn't matter.  Elite Lending Solutions can assist you with acquiring that specialised equipment or machinery that you need, at the best rates available.  Contact Nicola and her team today for your fully tailored equipment or machinery loan.